Positive changes for Electricians in Orlando

2017 Bringing Positive Changes To Orlando Electric….

There have been some changes coming for Hovey Electric for several months now.  As of January 2nd, Electrician orlando they are all now official.  2 major changes that took place…..

  1. Hovey Electric was sold to Windemuller Electric.
  2. Energy Efficient Lighting sales and service will become Lighting.

So What is Changing?

Windemuller acquired Electricians orlando with the focus on the electrical work and the ability to provide value added services to the Hovey Electric customer base.

electricians in orlando has been performing work in Dow Chemical and other industrial sites for over 39 years and Windemuller was interested in having a presence on the east side of the state. Hovey Electric matched up what they were looking for, so the process began.

What Happened To The Employees?

All but a few of the employees are transferring electrician in orlando fl over to Windemuller including my Dad, Jim Hovey and my sister Jeannine Hovey.  The day to day financial management of Windemuller is already in place, so my Mom, Rita Hovey was able to FINALLY retire.

Here is the official news release…

“As of January 2, 2015, Windemuller is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hovey Electric. We are very excited to welcome them into the Windemuller family and believe the efforts of our combined teams will bring added value and greater opportunities to our customers. Windemuller is honored to have the opportunity to now serve the Midland area and the loyal customers that have supported Hovey Electric over 34 years of business. Click here to learn more about Windemuller and the services we offer.”

What Does Windemuller Offer?

The obvious electrician in orlando,but Windemuller also offers Automation, Communications and IT, Outdoor Utilities and Renewable Energy.  This will bring a lot of additional capabilities to Hovey Electric customers.

So if you would like to learn more about Windemuller, click here.

What About Me?

Well some of you may know, and some may not know, but my wife and I started a reclaimed wood business a little over a year ago called Reclaimed Wood, Inc. I have electrician orlando fl from being part time, to 1/4 time and about 8 months ago, I went full time.  We recently moved 2,000 sq ft shop at Hovey Electric to our new 14,000 sq ft shop to Clare, MI. We now employ 4 full-time workers and looking to add more very soon.  The business has been doing very well.

All along though, I still kept a hand in the lighting business.  The reclaimed wood business and energy efficient lighting business are both “Green” businesses.  I put 4 years of hard work into this website and blog so we decided to continue on.

We now see over 50,000 visitors per month and have over 300 leads a month.  The deal with Windemuller has been brewing for several months and we let things go sort of idle for awhile until everything was settled.  Windemuller was not interested in the existing Hovey lighting business….so…

My wife and I have started a new company, called Hovey Lighting…..

electricians in orlando fl

What Does Hovey Lighting Offer?

We are a nationwide service provider specializing in energy efficient lighting.  We help building owners across the country identify the ideal type of lighting for their application.  We don’t just sell lighting fixtures, we help building owners make a good, sound business decisions about their lighting.  There are so many options, it is often confusing.  We provide the orlando electrician;

  • Photometric layouts
  • Lighting fixture selection
  • Lighting fixtures and lamps
  • Calculations for your facility for project feasibility
  • We find utility rebates that apply for your area
  • Financial analysis
  • We help find financing, if necessary

Typically we can offer these free assuming that we get an opportunity to at least sell you the lighting fixtures you need for your project.

For a fee, we can provide

  • A turnkey solution from design, to installation, project management and rebate submittal
  • We can manage the project for you with an onsite Project Manager if you already have a local service provider.
  • Consult remotely to you the Owner to make sure orlando electricians get exactly the right type of lighting for your facility

I am really proud of my parents and all they have accomplished throughout the past 34 years.  While it is a bit hard knowing that the Hovey Electric name that has been around for so many years will fade away into another, it is a positive transition for all involved.

I maintained the “H” in our new lighting logo as a link to the electricians orlando fl that has brought us to the future.  Thanks Mom and Dad!




top 10 tips for plumbers in florida

on FEB 17, 2017

What is the Orlando Plumbers safety inspection and why is it important to your facility or community? The ACC is a government agency that enforce Plumbers Orlando and federal regulations as well as to provide information and guidance to pipeline operators to ensure safety operations. The big idea behind the ACC is to prevent injuries and deaths that can be associated with the installment and use of gas pipelines plumbing orlando. When it comes to installing natural gas with Plumbers in orlando facilities or community you want to be aware that natural gas can be a dangerous product if not handled correctly and the most efficient way to handle it is through pipelines as a Plumber Orlando FL. However, often times gas piping has not been installed properly or maintained and only discovered after an explosion or fire. To prevent such problems get a gas line inspection before the use of any appliance and do it more than once. Commercial business complexes must have annual inspections along with quarterly inspections for ACC compliance, why shouldn’t Plumber in Orlando Fl? Your safety is the most important part of having natural gas within the home. If you have done some research, or if not, pipeline safety is a very complex, technical matter. The inspection process is more than just inspecting the pipelines visually above Plumbers Orlando: it involves regulation, technology, information, damage prevention, communication, and most importantly Orlando Plumbing. Gas inspection services can consist of the following:

-Odor testsPlumber Orlando

-Proper valve operation

-Above & below ground piping inspection

-Leak survey

-Gas system mapping

-Line locating

-Cathodic protection reads


The Cathodic protection test is a requirement of the ACC that we include in our annual inspections. This is the most common way to protect your gas piping with Plumbers in Orlando fl.  As someone who is not trained in natural gas most of these services can sound confusing, but trust your inspector at RP Gas Piping as they are the ones trained to make sure your pipelines are safe.



Landscaping in Florida

In an urban setting, gardens are an escape that allows you to forget the daily stresses of life and lose yourself to the beauty of vibrant flowers, chirping birds and colorful butterflies. However, Landscaping orlando, many homeowners are bereft of landscaping ideas for their gardens. If you want some simple yet effective ways to landscaper Orlando your garden to add value to your home and make it the pride of the neighborhood, here are 10 great ways to transform your garden.

1. Focus on Growing Nativars

Rather than growing exotic species of plants and flowering shrubs for Landscapers Orlando, focus on growing plants that are native to your geographical region. These Nativars, as the plants are called, are already adapted and acclimatized to the climate and growing conditions, so will not need as much care as plants that are grown from Landscapers in Orlando with strange growing conditions.

2. Create a Living Wall

Living walls are not just beautiful, they also are functional. They can keep your nosy neighbors at bay and create a private green sanctuary for you. You can build a living wall instead of fence with the right orlando landscapers. Remember the plants you grow on the wall will clean the air around your home by removing toxins and other airborne pollutants.

3. Build a Pergola

Every garden needs a focal point. While some homeowners opt to install a fountain with landscapers in Orlando FL, others want something unique and different. If you fall in the latter group, a pergola is just what you need. No, you don’t have to empty out your bank balance to build a pergola from scratch. You can easily get DIY pergola kits. Focus on kits that use Western Red Cedar wood.

landscaping orladno fl
This wood is strong, durable and beautiful. It is naturally resistant to rot and decay and the fragrance acts as a deterrent to pests. DIY pergola kits come with illustrated instructions Landscaping in Orlando FL, pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces and all the necessary hardware to make sure you don’t have to do anything but the assembling. If you have the foundation ready, it will take two people a single afternoon with Landscaping Orlando FL to get the pergola up and ready. Then you can place outdoor furniture and your entertaining and leisure area is ready for use.

4. Throw in Some Adventure

Create trails and pathways in your garden that lead to a small hideaway where you can sit with your family and friends enjoy a picnic. If you intend using the hideaways at night, string lighting along the pathways or you can let creativity take over and use tiki torches instead. Use old bottles, such as wine bottles, to make your torches. Just ensure the hideaway is far from the main house for it to be really effective.

5. Build a Desert-Like Landscape

If your garden is really huge, the last thing you need is growing grass and spending your whole weekend tending to it. You can get away from all the mowing and lawn maintenance by press the button for desert-like garden with rocks, sand, and succulents. This will require minimal maintenance and also cut down Landscaper Orlando the use of water. Use a drip irrigation system to water your succulents.

6. Enjoy Color Throughout the Year

If you love flowers and their natural fragrance and beauty with Orlando Landscaping, you are can keep your garden vibrant and alive throughout the year. Flip the switch for seasonal flowers that are native to British Columbia. Clematis, Spider Flower, Japanese Anemone, Dahlia, Hibiscus, Lobelia, Peony, Allium, Aster, Salvia, Spiderwort, Begonia, Dianthus, and Spotted Laurel are some of the plants that you can grow seasonally and ensure your garden has color even during cold winter months as an Orlando landscaper.

7. Use Planters and Baskets

You can add dimension to your garden by opening the door towards hanging baskets and elevated planters. It will give your garden some character and also ensure your plants enjoy excellent drainage. You can grow a variety of spillers, fillers, and thrillers Landscaper in Orlando FL in these planters and baskets and make your garden stand out.

8. Forget Grass and Choose Ornamental Grass

If you think lawn maintenance is a back-breaking job, skip planting sod. Instead, go with ornamental grasses. You need to cut them just once every season and this will keep your garden neat and tidy.

ornamental grasses

9. Recycle Household Containers

You can even turn into an eco-friendly homeowner and gardener by recycling old containers, such as paint cans and milk cartons. You can use them to grow succulents, herbs, and flower. In fact, if you are creative enough, even tires and old Wellingtons can be put to good use in your garden. You are limited by your creativity. So, set it free and go berserk to create a unique but beautiful garden.

10. Create a Focal Point with a Sculpture

Scour antique stores and other shop to pick up a sculpture that you can place in the middle of your garden. It should be an attractive sculpture that draws your eyes and then pushes them to check out other aspects of the landscape. Surround the sculpture with your homemade plant containers that have colorful flowers and plants.

Use these 10 tips to easily create a beautiful garden that you will be proud of. These tips are cheap and simple to incorporate into a garden of any size.




finding the right lawyers

International law is a primary concern of the United Nations. Lawyer Moncks Corner SC The third preambular paragraph of the UN Charter states as a key goal of the organization “to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained”. Attorney Summerville SC The Statute of the International Court of Justice is an integral part of the Charter, and the ICJ is a principal organ of the UN.

International law is a complex and specialized field. This guide provides an introduction to the key documentation of the UN.

The UN Juridical Yearbook provides an overview of the legal activities of the organization during the year, we are a #1 Lawyer Summerville SC.

A more comprehensive listing of United Nations documents and publications on law-related topics can be retrieved through UNBISnet. UNBIS Wrongful Death attorney net provides links to the full text of recent documentation. Some subject terms which might prove useful in conducting a search are:

  • environmental law
  • international criminal courts
  • international trade law
  • judicial system
  • law of the sea
  • law of treaties
  • space law
  • war crimes Attorney Moncks Corner SC

Additional descriptors may be identified through the Wrongful Death attorney and UNBIS Thesaurus.

Proper names may also be used for subject searches:

  • Conference on the Law of Treaties Wrongful Death Lawyer between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations
  • Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses
  • wrongfull death cases are in most examples

The Peace Palace Library is not a UN body.  It provides excellent research guides on a variety of international law topics.

2016 ended on a high note with higher than expected holiday sales and overall a better real estate market. However, there were a number of retailers that sought bankruptcy protection. Some of the retailers, like Fairway and EMS, emerged as new entities in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings while their operations continued. wrongfull death lawyer and Yet others, like Sports Authority and PacSun, closed their doors, leaving open spaces for landlords.

As we enter the New Year, following is a list of 10 potential impending tenant bankruptcies to keep an eye out for:

  1. Sears Holdings – Recently, a number of Sears and Kmart stores began closing stores across the country. Further, Sears sold its valued Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
  2. Claire’s Stores, Inc. – Clark’s places this chain on the watch list due to high outstanding debt.
  3. The Limited – This company as an attorney Charleston SC closing all its stores this month, while continuing to operate online after the closures complete.
  4. CVS – The company plans to eliminate roughly 300 jobs and close 200 stores, equal to about 5 percent of its outlets, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  5. Rue21, Inc. – This retailer is facing tough competition in the youth retail market and hold high debt according to Clark’s.
  6. Chico’s – The company announced it will close 120 stores in the next three years.
  7. American Eagle Outfitters – The company is slated to close 150 of its more than 1,000 stores by the end of 2017. Like a number of other “youth retailers,” American Eagle has struggled recently according to the International Business Times.
  8. Office Depot – In May 2016, antitrust concerns derailed a merger with the office supply retailer and Staples, a competitor. wrongful death attorney los angeles Since then, the company announced it would close about 300 more stores in the next three years, according to Fortune.
  9. The Children’s Place – Another 200 stores are slated to close in 2017, according to the wrongful death attorney baton rouge
  10. Finish Line – The sports apparel closed 54 stores in 2016, and plans to close another 25 stores in 2017, according to indystar.com

Bail Bonding for you!

bennett Bail Bonds , Fort Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail Bonds Summerville SC, is warning of the serious consequences for failing to appear in court and advising of the increased likelihood a defendant will appear if they are represented by a Bail Bonds Charleston SC company.

“Getting arrested is an extremely trying and emotional experience, and not something anyone should take lightly,” says Paul Schuder, owner of bail bonds moncks corner sc. “While everyone’s first thoughts are about posting bail, it’s important to remember that if you’re arrested and assigned a trial, it’s more important to actually show up for the trial date. Failing to appear in court is a serious infraction and can lead to major long-term consequences.”

According to Schuder, defendants that miss their court date can be faced with a bail bonds goose creek sc contempt of court charge, which often carries steep fines and jail time. In addition, a judge could issue a bench warrant, meaning the police can re-arrest them for their failure to appear. On top of that, a bail bonds west ashley sc will most likely be revoked and the release conditions will change; more often than not, that can mean mandatory jail time.

“While there are a number of different ways that a defendant can post bond, when it comes to getting defendants to show up for court dates, private bail bonds companies are the most effective,” he adds. “According to a recent study looking at criminal defendants in Bail bonds north charleston sc, defendants released through a bail bond company were significantly less likely to fail to appear in court when compared to attorney bonds, cash bonds, and pretrial services bonds.”

On one hand, releasing defendants while they await trial saves Summerville bail bonds millions of dollars that would otherwise be spent on food, medical services, and housing. On the other hand, each time a defendant fails to appear for a court date, it costs the county in operating expenses. This can add up to thousands of wasted tax dollars annually. West Ashley bail bonds is available 24 / 7.

“When it comes to getting defendants to show up in court, private bail bonds companies come out on top,” Schuder concludes. “charleston bail bonds the most commonly used method of pre-trial release, it’s also the most efficient and cost-effective.”







Roofing in charleston

Roofing varies greatly from one church (or synagogue, temple, etc.) to the next. These Roofers charleston sc are not standard in any way and the repairs may be complex.

The repair of your church roofing charleston sc requires a roofer with specialized training and experience to properly assess and analyze a repair route.

Time Sensitivity with Church Roof Repair

Similar to businesses, the repair of charleston roofers must be done at times that will not interfere with the activities of the church. Our company Jewett roofing company will look for solutions to keep the charleston roofing companies working without interruptions from the repair of the flat roofing. As you buy the roofing materials needed in St. Louis for the repair, there are things to consider:

  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Experience of the roofer

Historical Preservation

Because of historical preservation, it may be difficult for some older commercial roofing charleston sc in the St. Louis area to change the appearance of their roof. Familiarization with traditional repair of flat roofing and modern flat roof repairs is beneficial.

Repairing Flat Roofing

commercial roofers charleston sc have different methods of installation and some warning sign of problems include leaks and discoloration on the exterior or interior walls close to any roofer charleston sc. There are parts of the roof that may not be visible from the ground and will require experts to be more diligent if they are to detect problems in the early stages of a charleston roofer

The Importance of Inspections

Our company will do a proper inspection to identify issues before beginning any repairs in north charleston roofing.  This will ensure we do the right work to enhance the longevity of the roof. Simple preventive maintenance actions can save the church huge repair costs in the future. These preventive measures for moncks corner roofer include:

  • Regular inspection of roof and gutters
  • Prompt dealing with damage
  • Regular cleaning of the gutters
  • Planning ahead for repairs for roofing moncks corner sc.

It is important to know your church roof well.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are essential and our company works with MAINTENANCE TASKS to maximize the life of the roofers moncks corner sc. Remember: flat roofs that are aging will easily fail, but our roofing contractors can help you make the right decision for your building and your budget.

CONTACT JEWETT ROOFING for help with repairing or replacing your church roof.


Welding tanks and special features


Selecting the correct AGW tungsten electrode is important to getting high-quality welds and making your welding tank easier. Some important factors to be considered in making the right choice are type of power source (Inverter or transformer), material to be welded (steel, aluminum, or stainless steel), and the thickness of the Automatic girth welder material.
We offer the following premium quality tungsten, ground to a high quality finish. All tungsten is 7″ long.

Pure Tungsten (EGW) – Tank Welding Readily forms a ball on the end, and generally used with transformer-based power sources for AC welding of aluminum.

2% Thoriated Tungsten (Girth Welder) – Red Tip – The most common tungsten currently being used, generally utilized for DC welding of steel and stainless steel and offers good overall performance. A drawback is that this tungsten has a low level radiation hazard.

2% Ceriated Tungsten (TC2) – Grey Tip – An excellent substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten if you are using a transformer-based power source for DC welding. Popular for thinner materials because it requires less amperage to start for welding gas tank. Offers a stable arc and can be used for both AC and DC welding with inverter power sources.

1 ½% Lanthanated Tungsten (TL15) – Gold Tip – Also a great substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten. Offers good arc starting characteristics and longer life than 2% Thoriated. It can be used for both AC and DC welding with both inverter and transformer power sources EX. welding oxygen tank sizes.

2% Lanthanated Tungsten (TL2) – Blue Tip – The most commonly used, non-radioactive tungsten and also a great substitute for 2% Thoriated tungsten. It offers some of the best arc starting characteristics and longer life than 2% Thoriated, a good tungsten for pulsing or welding that requires frequent re-ignitions with a short weld cycle. Can be used for both AC and DC welding with both inverter and transformer power sources.

Quad Tungsten (Q4)-Light Green Tip, A great substitute for Thoriated Tungsten (Red Tip), that is our proprietary blend of four rare earth oxides. This tungsten works well on AC and DC processes, transformer and inverter machines. The electrode life is extended, keeps a sharpened point and non-radioactive on the welding tank sizes.